[PYTHON C++-SIG] Re: LLNL Python/C++ integration: current status

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at CNRI.Reston.Va.US
Thu Feb 13 22:21:06 CET 1997

>>>>> "JH" == Johann Hibschman <johann at physics.berkeley.edu> writes:

    JH> If this is really just a forum to perfect your idealized C++
    JH> implementation, then there's probably enough demand for a
    JH> separate "lowly C++" SIG for everyone else.

Why a separate SIG?  This one is perfectly suitable to discuss such
issues, IMHO.

Someone should do a survey of the commonly available compilers for the
various platforms (don't forget non-Unix platforms!) and report on the
state-of-the-art.  Maybe even contact the vendors/maintainers and see
if you can get some estimates on when such features would be supported
(yeah right :-).


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