[PYTHON C++-SIG] Re: LLNL Python/C++ integration: current status

Phil Austin phil at geog.ubc.ca
Thu Feb 13 22:48:35 CET 1997

>>>>> "Johann" == Johann Hibschman <johann at physics.berkeley.edu> writes:

    Johann> I don't think that I am that atypical of academia, and I
    Johann> don't want to wait a year or two for g++ to get up to par.
    Johann> If this is a mainstream effort to get C++ support for
    Johann> python, it should be usable by mainstream compilers.  If
    Johann> this is really just a forum to perfect your idealized C++
    Johann> implementation, then there's probably enough demand for a
    Johann> separate "lowly C++" SIG for everyone else.

It's hard to imagine the traffic getting high enough to make that
advisable, though.  Since g++ will some day be ANSI standard, none of
this effort is wasted, and those of us living on shoe strings can lurk
and experiment with our 30 day evaluation copies of KCC ;-).

Seeing excellent work being placed into the public domain by very
capable DOE scientists noticibly lifts my spirits.

(Speaking as an academic who hasn't paid US income taxes in about 10

Thanks, Phil

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