[PYTHON C++-SIG] LLNL Python/C++ integration: current status

Geoffrey Furnish furnish at laura.llnl.gov
Tue Feb 18 14:17:31 CET 1997

Harri Pasanen writes:
 > I was also just reading about the Beowulf project, and wanted to give
 > a pointer to that stuff as a sideline. (and got Livermore
 > and LANL (Los Alamos) mixed up.)

No problem, it was a great read.  Everyone should have one of those
things in their group...  Besides, there is at least one person on
this list who has access to that machine.

 > Do you have an estimate of when you'll be releasing your stuff to
 > wider audience?

I'll take that as a formal request, and we'll see about doing a code
drop.  Will get back to the list when we have a better idea.

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