[C++-SIG] Code available!

Geoffrey Furnish furnish at acl.lanl.gov
Wed Jun 18 17:04:59 CEST 1997

Hello all,

This is just to let you know that Livermore has cut the code we've
talked about here previously.  You can get "it" via anonymous ftp to:

"It" is in fact a complete Python source tree.  It has basically stock
Python 1.4, plus a recent NumPy, plus the Livermore C++ Python
binding, plus some of the Livermore graphics stuff (for use with
NumPy), and maybe more stuff I can't recall.

The current state of the C++ binding has been described in this forum
previously.  If you've forgotten, you can review the list archival
database at python.org.

I should add that the relocation from LLNL to LANL caused some
interruption in the development of the Python C++ binding, so there is
definitely still work that needs doing.  If you get the above file,
please understand that you are getting a /development snapshot/.  The
snapshot is produced by a cron job, once a week on Friday nights.
There is no representation of quality/stability/etc.  It just tars up
whatever is in the repository at that time, and puts it up for ftp.
True "releases" with some concrete expectation of
robustness/quality/etc, are further out.  So, just be aware of what
you're getting into if you decide to use these snapshots.

Paul (LLNL) and I (now LANL) /do/ intend to continue developing this
cooperatively.  We've had a protracted distraction period as I get
resituated here.  However, I do have projects on the plate which will
involve binding C++ to Python, so I have every intention of continuing
with what we have been working on, as will Paul.  I will post to this
list occasionally as developments are committed into the repository,
so that list readers will have some idea of when it is useful to
update their snapshots.  I also "intend" to write some documentation
on the C++ Python binding mechanism we are working on.

Finally, I will repeat what I have said several times before, which is
that this is a SIG, and it is entirely appropriate for others to
describe here what they are doing for binding C++ to Python.  We are
trying to build a consensus here, so for that to happen, we have to
know what people are doing.

Cheers to all,

Geoffrey Furnish                email: furnish at lanl.gov
LANL CIC-19 POOMA/RadTran       phone: 505-665-4529     fax: 505-665-7880

"Here are your ball-peen hammers.  Now go malleate some heads!"   -Jim Morel

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