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Jeff Whitmire whitmire at wrc.xerox.com
Mon Nov 10 04:29:16 CET 1997

On Friday, November 07, 1997 1:27 PM, Geoffrey Furnish 
[SMTP:furnish at acl.lanl.gov] wrote:
>  > I have been watching this SIG for a couple of days, and there doesn't 
>  > to be much traffic, so I thought I would generate some.
>  >
>  > Has anybody tried to use the C++ framework from David Redish's article 
>  > "Lessons in Python/C++ Interactions"?  If so, any problems?  I am 
doing a
>  > lot of Python extensions to integrate 3rd party libraries into our 
>  > application, so I am very interested in this sort of thing.  I would 
>  > interested in hearing any comments good or bad.
>  >
> It is true that things have been a little calm here lately.  However,
> this is only due to lack of things to report, rather than lack of
> activity or lack of interest.  Paul and I are hpoing to cut another
> release of our C++ bindings before long.  Also, I aim to get a web
> page devoted to this activity going.
> I am not familiar with the article you mention above.  Can you provide
> a full biblio for it?

The article has a link on the Python hints and tips documentation page: 
http://www.python.org/doc/PyCPP.html.  I would also be interested in 
hearing more information on your C++ bindings project.

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