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dunspro at diamond.jcn1.com dunspro at diamond.jcn1.com
Mon Nov 10 01:18:38 CET 1997

I am a franchise owner of Dunhill Professional Search specializing in 
information Systems and Technology. Employers pay my fee. As a 
headhunter, I seek to locate quality professionals like you for 
my client companies. If you are open to career options, please call 
me at 1-800-205-3621 or e-mail me. While I can't promise results, 
frequently we have numerous permanent positions to discuss.  About 12 
other Dunhill offices specialize in IS/IT while others have clients 
with similar needs. If you entrust me with a copy of your resume I 
promise not to send it out  without discussing with you first. We 
have contacts and job orders with many major corporations, Big Six 
firms, and emerging growth firms.  If you are open to discussing how 
we may assist in marketing your career to leverage all possibilities 
please respond. If you are happy now, please let us know about a 
friend or colleague. We offer an attractive referral or finders fee 
paid when we receive our commission. It generally averages 1% of the 
starting salary.
Our Website : Dunhillstaff.com
Bob Bahr, President
Dunhill Professional Search of Crystal City
Fax # 314-931-3628
Voice 314-931-4477
Email :dunspro at jcn1.com

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