[C++-SIG] Using SWIG for C++ to Python - ld problem

Stuart I Reynolds S.I.Reynolds at cs.bham.ac.uk
Wed Sep 30 01:33:29 CEST 1998

I've just started using SWIG to port link a C++ class I have to Python.
I don't mind saying, its harder than it looks.

% swig -python -shadow mc.i
Generating wrappers for Python

% g++ -shared -c krandom.cpp      #Some dull C functions
% g++ -shared -c mc.cpp           #Class definition
% g++ -shared -c mc_wrap.c   \     #Auto generated
 -I/bham/ums/common/pd/packages/Python/include/python1.5/    \

Everthing seems to work fine up until...

% ld -shared *.o libgcc.a libg++.a libstc++.a -o mc.so
ld: fatal: option -h and building a dynamic executable are incompatible
ld: fatal: Flags processing errors

...which I seem to get whatever I do whenever I include any of my new .o

As you can probably tell, I'm using g++ (2.8) under Solaris.

There's more info. below for anyone who's suitably interested by now.
Any advice welcome.



%module MC
#include "mc.h"   

enum ACTION {coast, forward, backward};

class mcar
  double random_pos();
  double random_vel();  
  double reward();  
  double curr_pos();  
  double curr_vel();  
  void   set_curr_pos(double pos);  
  void   set_curr_vel(double vel);  
  ACTION int_to_act(int action);  
  ACTION choose_random_act();  
  void  update_position_velocity(ACTION a);  
  int reached_goal();
  double v;
  double p;


class mcar
  some get and setter functions and a constructor with no args
  -  very uninteresting indeed!
  double v, p; // current state = velocity and position 

PS. Does Python recognise .a files (created with ar rather than ld - and
what's the difference??)

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