[C++-SIG] Restarting

David Beazley beazley at cs.uchicago.edu
Thu Apr 29 16:47:07 CEST 1999

Geoffrey Furnish writes:
> I've discussed this with Guido a few times over the last two years.
> He's a little concerned about the idea of absorbing too much code that 
> he doesn't understand, into the core, because of the support issues.
> And he wants to see a serious consensus emerge on the SIG.  [Guido,
> please feel free to further clarify here].

At the risk of having to go find my flame suit, I am opposed to the
idea of adding C++ (at the level of sophistication described) to the
Python core unless it can be added (or disabled) as an optional
feature.  Otherwise, I fear that this will be nothing short of a
maintenance nightmare for Guido and the rest of us who are quite happy
with the current C API.  The fact that this "enhancement" only works
with a few compilers also suggests that it would create problems for
anyone wanting to write a portable extension using this interface.

With that said, I'm not entirely opposed to having better C++ 
support.   I can only hope that it is done in a halfway sensible 
and portable manner.   Just my 0.02.



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