[C++-SIG] Restarting

Geoffrey Furnish furnish at actel.com
Thu Apr 29 17:27:50 CEST 1999

Marc Poinot writes:
 > I'm ready to help you in coding, testing or
 > documenting this, but:
 > - We cannot compile CXX_* here, even if we've
 >   a pretty good set of almost-ISO compliant
 >   compilers (DEC, SGI, SUN, and EGCS).

Could you post the versions of each of these compilers?  And the
failure mode for each?  Paul's CXX stuff didn't use member templates,
so it /really should/ work with all those compilers.  He did use
namespace Py, which wasn't in Sun C++ 4.2, but is now in 5.0.  I know
that SGI C++ 7.2+ have the features needed to do CXX as well.  For
egcs, you'll need a recent snapshot.

 > - EGCS doesn't handle automatic instanciation
 >   elsewhere than Sun and Linux. We use both
 >   automatic and explicit with our application
 >   and it's not-funny and difficult work. But
 >   we *want* our application run on many platforms.

Uhh, this doesn't sound right.  egcs does do--or is supposed to
do--automatic instantiation on all targets.  egcs uses an
instantiation model sort of like what people call "the Borland model",
(or like what EDG variants call "-pta", if I am remembering right)
where the instantiations of /anything seen/ are put in every
translation unit, with weak linkage.  So, it really ought to work.  If
you could post your actual failure logs, maybe we could figure out
what is going on.  Perhaps there was a target specific biff in the
snapshot you're using.  19990428 is now up on egcs.cygnus.com.

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