[C++-SIG] beginner

Bill Shui bill.shui at eBioinformatics.com
Tue Dec 21 05:23:09 CET 1999

Hi there,
	I'm an beginner-intermediate c++ programmer, and I've also been
programming in Python for over a year also . 
	I have also read through the mailing list archive.

	I'm working on a project as a hobbie, it also will help me to gain more
appreciation of C/C++ and Python.

	some friends of mine have written (not 100% completed yet) a
DBMS(engine, parser, the lot), and I've been thinking of writing api for
it and port it to python.

	but in order to do that, I'll need a better understanding of Python and
C++, I assume.

	so I was wondering, what are the essentials that I need to know in
order to be able to write C++ codes which can be imported by Python and
vice versa?

Your helps are much appreciated.

Bill Shui

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