[C++-SIG] Restarting

Alexis Layton alex at inconcert.com
Wed Jul 14 18:22:59 CEST 1999


I was responding to your message of a week ago, in which you stated
a laundry list:

> I think the Python C++ bindings should live in namespace Py.
> I think we should keep avoid use of partial specialization since MS
> won't have it until at least VC++ 7.0.
> I think we should avoid having any part of the C++ binding /depend/ on 
> member templates, because Sun 5.0 doesn't have them.
> I think we should provide some conveniences as optional facilities
> that are implemented with member templates.  By making these "inline
> member templates", they'll work with MS VC++ 6.0, Code Warior, EDG
> variants, egcs.  Perhaps this could be controlled via "member template 
> autodetection" in the configure, resulting in a config.h flag that
> would allow CPP based inclusion or exclusion of these facilities,
> depending on whether the compiler the user is using at configure time, 
> is up to the task or not.

For compilers, we use SC5.0 for Sun, and HP's aCC on HP-UX.
(As a company we tend to support "native" compilers on commercial
OS for our product (InConcert), and that is what we are interested
in extending with Python.

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