[C++-SIG] Restarting

Paul Miller Paul_Miller at avid.com
Wed Jul 14 19:29:46 CEST 1999

>  > For compilers, we use SC5.0 for Sun, and HP's aCC on HP-UX.
>  > (As a company we tend to support "native" compilers on commercial
>  > OS for our product (InConcert), and that is what we are interested
>  > in extending with Python.
> Great, thanks for clarifying.  We use these compilers here too, so I
> do have access to them.

We're using SGI MIPSPro 7.3, so feel free to throw any C++ construct you
want at the problem. But we also have to use MSVC++, so try to avoid
using any new C++ stuff. :-)

As for making use of C++ features, I'm all for getting it added as a
supported Python extension. You shouldn't have any problems with
exceptions and basic templates, though.

For now, I wrap my C++ objects as reference-counted smart pointers
inside Python extension objects, and implement the method dispatch using
the "C" technique. This works great, and I know exactly what is going


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