[C++-SIG] CXX3 extending with C++ classes

Marc POINOT poinot at onera.fr
Wed Jul 21 15:03:11 CEST 1999

I have some problem with CXX extension. I think I have
to learn more about Python extensions in general, but
maybe some pythoner can help me faster ...

In have succedeed in extending Python with some
of our C++ classes (using CXX3).
Now, I want to build extended-objects with other
extended-objects as args. Here's a piece of the Python
part of the code:

import example

v="x y z"

# First extended class

# ok
print type(a)

# ok
print type(m)

# Second extended class using first one

# never get here, it failed before

The point is, when I look at the pointer adress of m,
it is different of the one I have for a.
My function EpyGeoGrid_new(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
seems to have an args type which cannot be cast
to EpyGeoGrid...

Any tip?
Any doc reference?

Marcvs [alias I didn't found such example in r.cxx Demo...]

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