[C++-SIG] CXX at Sourceforge

Paul F. Dubois pauldubois at home.com
Tue Mar 7 01:10:57 CET 2000


I now have CXX-4.2 up at SourceForge. The web page is cxx.sourceforge.net.
This leads you to the project page where you can get at the CVS tree. I am
looking for one or more of you to take over as lead on this open source
project since I do not use CXX in my work since I changed jobs last year. It
is better to have someone who has to live with the consequences of their

4.2 has Barry's extension stuff. I think there isn't a great deal of
controversy about the CXX_Objects part, and Daniel has some fresh stuff to
contribute. But I would think a good first step is to get what is there out
by anonymous cvs or by downloading the release and see what changes we need
for compilation on various platforms. Once we have a stable and portable
base we can move on to the interesting questions about CXX_Extension.

I have sent this to each of you because I know that you use, have used, or
have developed variants on, CXX. Perhaps there are more people who could
contribute, so I will cc this to the c++ sig.

There are no ends of ideas and styles being put forward. Rather than just
talking about the way each of you sees it, I would like to focus things by
looking at what is there now and seeing if we understand exactly its
strengths and weaknesses. Opinions about whether something will or won't
compile or bloat or act badly should be backed up by actual data, not just
speculation. Maybe that way we can keep down the noise level.

Excuse this previous paragraph but several people have complained to me
about the signal to noise ratio in our discussions and I think it is
important to keep things focused.

Best regards,


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