[C++-SIG] Problems building and testing CXX demo

Marc Poinot Marc.Poinot at onera.fr
Tue May 9 13:50:08 CEST 2000

Steve Harris wrote:
> [g++ 2.95.2 on solaris 2.5.1]
I used to fail to compile CXX with Gcc 2.95.2 ;)
It fails either on Sun/Solaris and SGI/Irix.

The first Gcc snapshot that can compile CXX is 20/03/2000
you can find it (and newer snapshots) at


This leads to no problem, AFAIK...

> Any input would be appreciated.
Here's the makefile, with both Gcc and 
SGI compiler (you have to set your own paths):

INCS=-I./Include -I/tools/py/include/python1.5
#CCC=CC -64 -LANG:std -woff 1401,1069
# use special ar to instanciate templates (pre-linker)
AR=ar clq 
#AR=CC -woff 1401 -ar -o
OBJST=Demo/arraytest.o Demo/example.o Demo/python.o Demo/r.o Demo/rtest.o
OBJSL=Src/cxx_extensions.o Src/cxxextensions.o Src/cxxsupport.o
LIBS=libCXX.a -L/tools/py/64/lib/python1.5/config -lpython1.5
	$(CCC) $(INCS) -c $< -o $@

	$(CCC) $(INCS) -c $< -o $@

all: libs demos

demos: libs $(OBJST)
	$(CCC) $(LIBS) $(OBJS) -o rtest 

libs: $(OBJSL)
	$(AR) libCXX.a Src/*.o

	rm -f libCXX.a Src/*.o Demo/*.o

Marcvs [alias Our extensions are also working fine, but we are NOT
        using all functionnalities of CXX  4.2 ]

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