[C++-SIG] setattr and CXX-4.2

Barry Scott barry at scottb.demon.co.uk
Wed May 17 00:20:09 CEST 2000

getattr_methods is a helper function. Its job is to return a function object
for any of the objects C++ methods that are referenced and to deal with
references to __methods__.

For objects with functions you must call getattr_methods() from your getattr()
after dealing with all the non-function attributes your object has.

Here is an example taken from CXX\Demo\r.cxx

Py::Object r::getattr( const char *name )
    if(std::string(name) == "c")
		return Py::Float(300.0);

    if(std::string(name) == "start")
		return Py::Int(start);

    return getattr_methods( name );

setattr is not allowed to create functions or mess up __methods__ so you simply
handle your non-function attributes and throw Py::NameError for all you know
nothing about.


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