[C++-SIG] Py::String should be constructible from ptr and length

Steve Harris sharris at primus.com
Thu May 18 19:49:29 CEST 2000

At present, class Py::String can be constructed from a const char* or
a const std::string&, but not from const char* and a size_t. We should
have a version available that takes advantage of
PyString_FromStringAndSize() by taking a length argument. This would
allow construction from a non-null-terminated character array
(especially a subset of such an array).

Also, the Py::String constructor taking a const std::string& as an
argument should not use the c_str() function to call
PyString_FromString(). Rather, it should call

  PyString_FromStringAndSize( str.data(), str.length() ) // or str.size()

since we've already gone through the trouble of figuring out the
length of the contained string.

Steven E. Harris
Primus Knowledge Solutions, Inc.

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