[C++-SIG] Trouble getting a method called

Steve Harris sharris at primus.com
Tue May 23 01:08:21 CEST 2000

"Barry Scott" <barry at scottb.demon.co.uk> writes:

> 	Here is the problem. The object p does not have any attributes.
> 	I suggest that you add cout << debug statements to confirm that
> 	the init_type() and getattr() are really called.

I put some print statements in init_type() and verified that it is
getting called. Here's what I learned:

* You must have called supportGetattr() and implement getattr()
  for a method to be called, even if you don't care about getattr.

* You must call moduleDictionary() in your extension module's

Once I did those _two_ things together, my method appeared. Is this
how it's supposed to work?

If method calls are implemented in terms of getattr(), then calling
add_varargs_method() should implicitly assert that you're "supporting
getattr." Furthermore, it seems that implementing getattr shouldn't be
necessary just to support method calls. After all, all my getattr()
method does is forward a call to getattr_methods(). Can we invert this
such that if there is no method defined for a particular getattr name,
_then_ the call is (optionally) forwarded to the derived class getattr
method? That is, in pseudo-code:

Py::Object handle_getattr_call(const char* pcsz)
  const foo::const_iterator it = method_map.find( pcsz );
  if ( it != method_map.end() )
    return *it;  // deref it and return something callable
  else if ( bSupportsGetattr )
    return getattr();
    throw something;

This arrangement would make more sense to me, as it better separates
the method dispatching from the getattr implementation. At present,
the add_varargs_method() function is confusing in that it doesn't do
enough to hook up all the machinery to expose the method to Python.


> 	Make sure you have the latest sources from SourceForge.

Do the latest changes address these problems?

> 	Make sure that the Demo example module works.

Yes, it does. That's where I started pulling random bits of code from
(including the "moduleDictionary()" call). Why is it necessary to call
this function in order for all of this to work?

Steven E. Harris
Primus Knowledge Solutions, Inc.

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