[C++-SIG] Submitting candidate changes to CXX

Barry Scott barry at scottb.demon.co.uk
Sun May 28 14:47:07 CEST 2000

> There are a few static methods that take the same basic shape, such as
> Py::ExtensionModule::methods(). In the CVS version, it keeps a static
> pointer which is initially null. In each call, it checks to see if the
> pointer is still null. If so, it heap allocates a method_map_t
> variable and returns that variable by reference. But how and when
> would that pointer ever get deleted? My candidate replacement takes
> this form:
> 	static method_map_t &methods(void)
> 		{
> 		static method_map_t map_of_methods;
> 		return map_of_methods;
> 		}

	I think the problem is that this change will not work as the c'tor
	will not be called on all platforms (which is a compiler/RTL/
	way-python-is built bug).

	As the memory will be in use from the moment the module is loaded
	until process exit its not a performance issue.

> Since map_of_methods is a static local variable, it's guaranteed to be
> cleaned up eventually. We know that an exiting process will likely
> clean up most heap-allocated memory, but the above form seems more
> trustworthy unless you're deliberately trying to control _when_ the
> variable gets deleted.

	The OS simply returns all resources used by a process to the OS
	free resources. Nothing in the OS bothers to look at the heap
	in an intelligent way. There may be malloc debug code loaded.

> > It shouldn't be necessary to eliminate temporaries; any good
> > compiler will do this.  There are some in the tests that look like
> > temporaries but in fact are doing Python-type checking and for
> > debugging purposes I did things in steps.
> Okay. Perhaps you can then veto some of the changes. Maybe it's just a
> style thing. I always think of Scott Meyers' "Item" on named
> temporary variables: the compiler can't take as much liberty in
> eliminating them. I'll let you be the judge.

	I place intermediate values in named varables to allow me
	to debug the logic of an algorithm. I've found that this
	works well to allow me maintain code.


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