[C++-SIG] Announcing CXX 5.0

Barry Scott barry at scottb.demon.co.uk
Mon May 29 13:30:04 CEST 2000

	CXX 5.0 is tagged on SourceForge with the name "CXX_5_0".

	The older version 4.2 source did not contain all the work
	done on CXX before creation on SourceForge. 5.0 contains
	all the work that has been done on CXX.

	We will now start working towards CXX 5.1.

	The main work items I know about are:

	* Use Geoffrey Furnish's Invoke method.
	  This method solves the problem of mixing C++ and C pointers

	* Merge David Abraham's simplified object wrapping

	* Analysis and merge the code from the patches no SourceForge

	* Fix bugs as reported

	* Improve usability

	* Ensure CXX is written in ANSI C++ as far as is practical
	  given the state of available C++ compilers.


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