[C++-SIG] py_cpp maintenance release

David Abrahams abrahams at mediaone.net
Fri Nov 3 01:09:47 CET 2000

People turned up a few problems with the last release that seemed relatively
serious to me, so I have posted another update to

Release notes:

2000-11-02 17:42

    Added a fix for interactions between default virtual function
    implementations and declare_base(). You still need to write your
    declare_base() /after/ all member functions have been def()d for the two
    classes concerned.  Many, many thanks to Ullrich Koethe
    <koethe at informatik.uni-hamburg.de> for all his work on this.

    Added missing conversions:
        from_python(const char* const&)
        from_python(const double&)
        from_python(const float&)

    Added a Regression test for a reference-counting bug thanks to Mark
    (<mark.evans at clarisay.com>)

    const-ify ClassBase::getattr()

    Add repr() function to Class<T>

    Add to_python/from_python conversions for PyPtr<T>

    Standardize set_item/get_item interfaces (instead of proxies) for Dict
and List

    Add Reprable<> template to newtypes.h

    Fix a bug wherein the __module__ attribute would be lost for classes
that have a
    default virtual function implementation.

    Remove extra ';' in module.cpp thanks to "Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve"
    <rwgk at cci.lbl.gov>

    Fix a bug in the code of example1.html

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