[C++-SIG] Yet another py_cpp update

David Abrahams abrahams at mediaone.net
Mon Nov 6 06:38:11 CET 2000

Available at http://www.egroups.com/files/boost/py_cpp/py_cpp_20001106.zip
or http://people.ne.mediaone.net/abrahams/downloads/py_cpp.html


Changes since last release:

2000-11-06 0:22
    Lots of documentation updates

    added 4-argument template constructor to py::Tuple

    added "add" member function to ClassWrapper<> to allow arbitrary Python
    objects to be added to an extension class.

    gen_all.py now generates support for n argument member functions and n+1
    argument member functions at the suggestion of "Ralf W.
    <rwgk at cci.lbl.gov>

    Added regression tests and re-ordered declare_base calls to verify that
    phantom base class issue is resolved.

2000-11-04 17:35

    Integrated Ullrich Koethe's brilliant from_python_experiment for better
    error-reporting in many cases.

    extclass.h, gen_extclass.py:
        removed special-case MSVC code
        added much commentary
        removed unused py_copy_to_new_value_holder

    init_function.h, gen_init_function.py:
        added missing 'template' keyword on type-dependent template member
        removed special-case MSVC code
        added much commentary

2000-11-04 0:36

    Removed the need for the phantom base class that screwed up inheritance
    hierarchies, introduced error-prone ordering dependencies, and
    logic in many places!

    extclass.h: Added some explanatory comments, removed wasteful m_self
    of HeldInstance

    extclass_demo.cpp: Added #pragmas which allow compilation in ansi strict
    mode under Metrowerks

    functions.h: Added virtual_function as part of phantom base class
    expanded commentary

    pyptr.h: Added some missing 'typename's and a GCC workaround fix

    subclass.cpp: Added missing string literal const_cast<>s.

2000-11-03 10:58

    Fix friend function instantiation bug caught by Metrowerks (thanks

    Add proof-of-concept for one technique of wrapping function that return

    Worked around MSVC optimizer bug by writing to_python(double) and
    to_python(float) out-of-line

2000-11-02 23:25

    Add /Zm200 option to vc6_prj to deal with MSVC resource limitations

    Remove conflicting /Ot option from vc6_prj release build

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