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It is actually part of the standard  (of which I do not have) but



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That's a nonstandard and thus nonportable feature of one particular standard
library implementation. The OP didn't say which platform he was using.

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> Or you could use sync_with_stdio
> ----- copy from MSDN -----------
> ios_base::sync_with_stdio
> static bool sync_with_stdio(bool sync = true);
> The static member function stores a stdio sync flag, which is initially
true. When true, this flag ensures that operations on the same file are
properly synchronized between the iostreams functions and those defined in
the Standard C library. Otherwise, synchronization may or may not be
guaranteed, but performance may be improved. The function stores sync in the
stdio sync flag and returns its previous stored value. You can call it
reliably only before performing any operations on the standard streams.
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