[C++-SIG] CXX problems on SGI

Marc Poinot Marc.Poinot at onera.fr
Tue Sep 12 14:57:39 CEST 2000

*BEWARE* (this is a constructive email ;) 

Geoffrey Furnish wrote:
> Marc Poinot writes:
>  >
>  > What kind of compilers are you using ?
>  >
Again: Are you using something else than the KAI C++ ?
I cannot compile CXX 5.0b on any of our compilers
here (SGI,DEC,NEC,CRAY,FUJITSU, and gcc).
We have Python on all these platforms, and Python is
used for our C++/Fortran application.
I was using CXX 4.2 for some Pythons optional extensions, but
now, what can I do ?

[0] Stay with CXX 4.2
[1] Leave CXX and move to another kind of C++ extensions
[2] Hack into CXX to make it run, do it again for each release
[3] Wait the the next good release of compiler
[4] Buy the KAI C++ for every platform
[5] Change to Perl^H^H^H^H Bourne shell scripts

Sure your C++ is an high level one, but what if you're
the only one to be able to compile it ? Who's going to use CXX ?
Maybe the right platform, even if the C++ is not ISO compliant,
is to take a g++ subset of ISO C++ and allow some simpler code.

> Looks to me like you have a bug in your compiler.  Can you upgrade?
> Which version of the SGI compiler are you using?  Latest is
> 7.3.something.
Even without the try/catch blocks into the externs, the compiler fails.
According to our support, all of our compilers are up-to-date (SGI is 7.30).

Ok, now I'm starting with [2], but I'm afraid this will lead to something
like a parallel branch :(  (even simulated by pre-processing).
The first step I'm going to do is to add a makefile with options for every of our
platforms, split headers into seperate files per each class, move inlines to a 
compiled bodies and extend some tests (see you next year ;)

Marcvs [alias I have no access to the CVS server, but I can work on a CVS
        workspace tarball and send it back to you?]

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