boost-python lib as a shared library.

David Abrahams david.abrahams at
Thu Dec 13 15:35:55 CET 2001

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From: "Andreas Zieringer" <amz at>

> I'm going to check out the cvs version .

It's not there yet. Give me a few hours; I'll let you know.

> Seperating the python specific stuff in a extra Jamfile sounds good makes
> the jam files much nicer.
> In the moment I'm using gnu make files for my projects but boost-jam looks
> really promising.

Yes, I think we're going to have something great there very soon. You're
welcome to contribute to that project too, if you like ;-)

> OK so my approach  was not too bad, just missed some class_t templates ;-)

Your approach was fantastic. There might be a few other similar templates
kicking about, but I can't remember offhand.

> >In the next version, Boost.Python will use the new type definition
> >facilities in Python 2.2, which will obviate the need for class_t
> >altogether.
> So the next version won't work with python version smaller than 2.2 ?

Well, that's up to you ;-)
We could make it work, by porting the existing extension class mechanisms
into the new framework. It wouldn't even be very hard, and would certainly
be desirable. I don't think the people who are funding Boost.Python
development right now care about earlier Pythons, so we'd have to do any of
that work "on the side".

> >Did you try jam-ing the "test" target in the libs/python/build directory?
> >That builds and runs all the tests we currently have.
> No I tried it only with my own project, well I'm using some features as
> cross module support,
> but the test programs do much more fancier things.

Try it out. If you got it right, everything should "just work". If not, you
should get informative errors (unless it crashes) ;-)

> Yes getting much feedback is great, but makes the whole thing more
> complicated.

It's totally worth it, though! A project is so much more rewarding with
contributors like you around!


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