[C++-sig] Problem compiling V2 tests.

Tim Field Tim.Field at mcs.vuw.ac.nz
Mon Aug 5 01:14:42 CEST 2002

> Paul (the preprocessor library guru) suggested a much more obvious
> explanation: that you have
> #define B0 0
> somewhere in your translation unit
> You might try adding #undef B0 somewhere near the top of bases.hpp, but
> after its dependent #includes.

Yup, that was the problem -- it was already defined! (can't think where

> HTH,
> Dave
> P.S. You should still report the ICE, even if this fixes it!

Will do.  (first I'll try upgrading to the latest gcc because I'm pretty
sure I was using a CVS snapshot rather than the official 3.1 release)

Thanks for your help guys.


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