[C++-sig] problems with complex

Enrico Ng enrico at fnal.gov
Thu Aug 8 21:10:01 CEST 2002

I am new to boost and am attepting to use V2.
I have wrapped several functions, but have run into trouble with
"complex" ones

I get an error when compiling.  I am using version 3.1 of the GNU

pysupercode.cc: In function `void init_module_supercode()':
pysupercode.cc:147: no matching function for call to `
   SuperCode::Array3<std::complex<double> >::Array3(const char[14])'
sctypes.h:251: candidates are: SuperCode::Array3<T>::Array3(const
   SuperCode::Array3<T>&) [with T = std::complex<double>]
sctypes.h:214:                 SuperCode::Array3<T>::Array3(int, int,
   [with T = std::complex<double>]
pysupercode.cc:158: parse error before `)' token

I only get this error with the complex class, the other one works fine.
Is there something special with complex that I am forgetting?

Enrico Ng <enrico at fnal.gov>

Here is some of the code:
from sctypes.h
namespace SuperCode {

template<class T> class Array3 {


  Array3<T>(int rows, int cols, int depth);
  Array3<T>(const Array3<T>& a3);
  T    get(int i, int j, int k) const;

from pysupercode.cc
#include <boost/python/operators.hpp>
#include <boost/python/class.hpp>
#include <boost/python/module.hpp>

using std::complex;

namespace python = boost::python;
using namespace SuperCode;


   python::class_<Array3<int> >("IntegerArray3")
   .def("get", &Array3<int>::get)


   python::class_<Array3<complex<double> >("ComplexArray3")
   .def_init(python::args<const Array3<complex<double> >&>())
   .def("get", &Array3<complex<double> >::get)


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