[C++-sig] non-const arguments

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Tue Aug 13 18:13:28 CEST 2002

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Subject: Re: [C++-sig] non-const arguments

> > Decide on a Python interface that's consistent with Python's
> immutability
> > restrictions, and we can see how to wrap it.
> >
> > Perhaps
> >
> >     tuple ran1(Integer x)
> >
> > would work better for you?
> This works fine, but I have to create thin wrappers for every function
> [to return the resulting non-const arguments]
> Is there already am implementation of this in boostv2?

An implementation of what?

There's no facility which automatically decides the interface that should
be used for otherwise-unwrappable functions and creates thin wrappers for
you, if that's what you mean.

Do you have lots of functions with the same signature? It may be possible
to build a class template which does the job... depending which compiler(s)
you're targeting.


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