[C++-sig] List of Boost.Python projects?

Hugo van der Merwe hugo at adept.co.za
Mon Aug 26 14:32:19 CEST 2002

> I'm creating a wrapper around the OpenSceneGraph library: 
> http://www.openscenegraph.org/
> should have an alpha version in a couple of days.

Ah! Excellent! I created a wrapper for the Demeter terrain engine back
in December, but this has suffered tremendous bit rot (both Demeter has
changed a lot, and Boost.Python v2 is now a reality). I've started on a
Boost.Python v2 wrapper recently, and am hoping to get that in a usable
state three weeks from now. (For the next two weeks studies take

Reason I'm so happy about your OSG wrapper: Demeter is designed to be
used with OSG, so I was hoping to eventually get the Python wrapper to
work with OSG as well, but didn't yet feel up to the task of tackling
OSG myself. Further, I was worried someone will do a python wrapper of
OSG, but not use Boost.Python, resulting in incompatible wrappers, and
much less chance of a Boost.Python one happening. ;)


Now very eager to yet again neglect studies,
Hugo van der Merwe

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