[C++-sig] Pointers in boost::python 1.28

Marcelo A. Camelo camelo at esss.com.br
Thu Aug 29 14:42:47 CEST 2002

Just to clarify, the compiler complains when trying to instantiate
"callback<std::string>::call_method" on the overridden virtual method in
the derived callback class.



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Hi all!

I'm using boost to expose a c++ framework to python, but I hit a wall
when trying to wrap a struct with pointer attributes (to a wrapped
type). Is it possible to do this?

I've tried to work around this by changing my design not to need the
pointer attribute any more. Now I've got a method that receives the
pointer as argument. Exporting this method goes fine unless I try to
make it virtual: the compiler complains that there isn't an appropriated
overloaded method for converting the pointer to python (sorry for not
having the exact error message at hand, It's a home project). Am I doing
something wrong?

Any help is welcome.


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