[C++-sig] container_conversions.h with VC7

Achim Domma achim.domma at syynx.de
Sun Dec 8 15:01:43 CET 2002

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> I'd try this:
> To test if the ICE is connected to differences in the use of
> compiler options,
> replace Magick::Image by double. If double works, put back the
> Magick::Image
> and then keep rearranging the code in the container conversions
> header until it
> works (e.g. break up the statements, dispatch to a new function
> to do part of
> the work, anything else you can think of). Send me the revised
> header once it
> works for you.

Hi Ralf,

find attached a version of container_conversion.h which works for me, also
in the release version. The changes (starting at line 165) are marked with
my name. I don't understand everything, so I simply factored out the
critical loop and it works. You might have a cleaner solution.


PS.: Am I free to put this single file in the source code distribution of my
ImageMagick wrapper? Your license is quite long and I'm not a lawyer. The
project is open source.
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