[C++-sig] linking on linux with gcc 3.2 takes very long

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Mon Dec 9 19:25:20 CET 2002

"Achim Domma" <achim.domma at syynx.de> writes:

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>> The "solution" is not to use -g. Linking times are back to normal
>> if you use
>> -O2 or similar. -- I'd be interested if you find out more.
> How do I change this flags in my Jamfile? I'm just starting my career as
> linux developer.

Try the release build:

    bjam -sBUILD=release ...

You can also try the debug build with debug symbols off, if 
that's worth anything to you:

   bjam "-sBUILD=debug/<debug-symbols>off" ...

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