[C++-sig] embedding.cpp with gcc 2.95

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Mon Dec 16 22:15:22 CET 2002

kasper at 303.nu writes:

>> > I've tried to compile embedding.cpp, but it doesn't work. It seems to be
>> > a problem with gcc 2.95. And since I'm using Debian I'm kinda stuck with
>> > 2.95 for the moment.
>> You can use 3.x on Debian.
> Yes, I tried using g++-3.2 instead of g++, but then I get a lot more errors. 
> Because all the C++ libraries should be recompiled with 3.2 as well. So that 
> would mean recompiling a lot of stuff, I guess.
>> > I get errors during linking,
>> What errors?
> undefined references to handle_exception_impl, function_object, 
> register_dynamic_id_aux and get_class_object.
>> How are you attempting to build the example?  If you're not using
>> bjam, does it work when you do use bjam?
> I prefer to use make-stuff. But using bjam gives me the same errors.

Uhm, those are in the boost python library itself; 
Are the errors at runtime or at link-time?
is your LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to find libboost_python.so?

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