[C++-sig] Re: Thank you for your help!

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Sat Dec 21 00:20:21 CET 2002

Daniel Horn <daniel at data.lbl.gov> writes:

> Dear David Abrahams,
> I thank you kindly for your help... you pointed me at the exact docs
> and gave me the exact function that was the final component that made
> this thing work. Your help was invaluable in moving my project
> forward....

I'm glad I was able to.  Please post Boost.Python
communication/questions on the C++-sig in the future:


> I'm sorry that I did not understand the docs and brought this to you
> directly... but for some reason I had more trouble understanding the
> v2  docs than the older ones--perhaps due to them being newer and less
> battle-hardened


>>> the only functions currently failing involve taking IN
>>> vectors...returning them is accomplished with
>>> boost::python::to_python_value<boost::python::tuple> ()(bo\
>>> ost::python::make_tuple((double)x.i,(double)x.j,(double)x.k)));
>> Ahh, that macro is an implementation detail; I'm not sure that you
>> should be using it.  I probably should be #undef ing it at the end of
>> the header.
> so I shouldn't be using this macro.....   should I expand the macro
> and  use what it would normally do instead? Or is this specific part
> of the  library "off limits" to users... 

Nominally, so far.  I'm not very satisfied with the interface I have available
for declaring user-defined converters.  If it's working for you, you
don't have to change it, but things may change in a little while.

> or is there some guideline as to which part of
> BOOST_PYTHON_TO_PYTHON_BY_VALUE may become obsolete between now and
> the future builds (I'm going for backward and forward compatability)

I'm going to be figuring these details out in the next few months, I
hope.  I'll be posting my thoughts on the C++-sig, so stay tuned there.

> Thanks so much for your time.

My pleasure.

                       David Abrahams
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