[C++-sig] Re: Presenting a Python embedding tutorial for Boost.Python

Joerg Sauer sauer at programmatic.de
Tue Dec 31 00:21:17 CET 2002

>> I just don't know enough about creating and using sub-interpreters at
>> this point.
>I'd like to help make this decision, but I'm having trouble imagining
>what the consequences or usefulness of having multiple interpreters
>is.  I didn't read that whole article I pointed you at ;-/.  Can you
>give me the quick skinny on this?

I just started following your thread, because I will have to implement
embedding and extending python to an application till end of april.
For our case it's really important to have several interpreters,
because we have several threads (windows-threads) which will call
python scripts. We will use this to implement script hooks for
customer specific customization.

I'm glad to see that BPL is progressing that fast. (1 1/2 year ago,
when I first looked at it, I delayed that task :-)

As I have to implement this scripting into the app till april I would
like to help and if I can do some serious job on it. So if help is
needed just contact me to get things work.

Regards Joerg

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