[C++-sig] Re: Preview of Boost.Python V2 (David Abrahams)

Arnaldur Gylfason arnaldur at decode.is
Wed Feb 6 11:04:19 CET 2002

> I've compiled this code with 6 or 7 different compilers on three
> OSes,

Pretty good!

> so I'll be really surprised if Python.h was actually not properly
> referenced... (famous last words, I know)

Well, not this time. It was the wrong Python version.
I edited PYTHON_VERSION in python.jam, but discovered it is specified in 2
places. I failed
to edit the first place.
Everything compiles and links now.
This is actually the first time I use boost.jam. Looks good.
(I decided to go with regular jam when I looked into this half a year ago)



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