[C++-sig] First time pointers, first crash...

Stefan Franke franke at ableton.com
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> What does "supposed to" mean?
> What does "generically" mean?

Excuse me if it's not clear what I meant. English is not my native

I wanted to ask is just if I have to learn jam to use those parts
of Boost that consist not only of header files.

The docs for Boost.Python, for example, specify the commands to 
build the lib and to build & run the test suite. That's all.

So as a newbie I don't learn how to 
- build a single example or other test project
- pass configuration options or defines to the build process
- what the relevant files are

And the perspective of having to learn again "something like
make" is pure horror -- for an outsider, perhaps jam is really
easy to use & learn. 
Maybe a "quick intro to jam for Boost users" could help here.

Best regards,

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