[C++-sig] First time pointers, first crash...

Stefan Franke franke at ableton.com
Tue Feb 19 17:12:48 CET 2002

> > My question: Can you point my to the position where the new operator
> > for the wrapper object is called. Then I could put a 
> breakpoint there
> > and see which allocator is actually used.
> line 334 of boost/python/detail/extension_class.hpp

Thank you very much. That helped a lot. It seems my problem is that
I have false allocator/deallocator pairs because the destructors
in <new> are inlined, whereas there's a global operator new which
is used because it is linked to the app (even if not declared in
any header file). 

In out app the latter is usually superposed by another (inlined) 
operator new, Boost.Python of course doesn't see it.

Strange, because I'm building Boost.Python as a DLL project. I have
to do more research...

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