[C++-sig] Outstanding Jobs for v2 release

David Abrahams david.abrahams at rcn.com
Mon Jul 8 02:25:02 CEST 2002

From: "Achim Domma" <achim.domma at syynx.de>

> Hi Dave,
> > Replacements for objects.hpp contents (thanks, Achim!)
> > This means: str, dict, tuple
> > Other types like: type, int_, slice, etc. are optional for the v2
> > since they weren't covered in v1.
> I have str, dict and tuple compiled into bpl


> , but had no time to test at all.

As I indicated previously, the implementation is the easy part ;-).

> I lost some days, due to a major problem with our provider (I was not
> able to send/recive email for 2 days).

That's always disorienting, but also good for my productivity <wink>.

> I think I will have a version with
> test in the next 2-3 days. I still have some questions, but I think they
> only cosmetic ones and are better discussed (or explained) if you have
> looked at my code.
> If my code is ok for you, I would also implement the optional classes.

That would be great. Please try to discuss this a bit on the list with Dave
Hawkes, since some things fall in a gray area, e.g. xtime().

Thanks again,

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