[C++-sig] contained structure access

Graeme Lufkin gwl at u.washington.edu
Tue Nov 5 20:58:15 CET 2002

	I've found some strange (I think) behavior in Boost.Python, and I've
boiled it down to the example below.  (By the way, I'm new to
Boost.Python, and am using it to get scripting language access to the
C/C++ classes used in my astrophysics simulations.  I think it's going
to work out great.)
	I'm exposing several C++ classes to Python.  Classes that are made of
built-in types work great, and I can manipulate member variables when I
def_readwrite() them.  Now go up a level, and imagine a class that holds
these simpler classes.  I def_readwrite() the member variables of the
higher-level class that are of type the simpler class.  But now when I
access the members of the members, my assigning gets silently ignored. 
Let me explain with code:
	Here's my .cpp file.  It defines two simple structs and exposes them to
Python. (I'm using Boost 1.29.0)

struct Atom {
	double x;

struct Holder {
	Atom a;

#include <boost/python.hpp>
using namespace boost::python;

BOOST_PYTHON_MODULE(Contained_Stuff) {
	class_<Atom>("Atom").def_readwrite("x", &Atom::x);
	class_<Holder>("Holder").def_readwrite("a", &Holder::a);	

	To illustrate the problem, here's a Python session with the compiled

>>> from Contained_Stuff import * 
>>> at = Atom()
>>> print at.x
>>> at.x = 42
>>> print at.x
>>> h = Holder()
>>> print h.a.x
>>> h.a.x = 43
>>> print h.a.x
>>> h.a = at
>>> print h.a.x

	I can create variables of type Atom, and get/set it's 'x' member
variable fine.  I can also create variables of type Holder, and get/set
its 'a' member variable (of type Atom).  However, when I try to modify
the 'x' of the Holder's Atom, it is ignored.  I can recreate this
situation using regular 100% Python classes, and it works as expected. 
So, what am I doing wrong?
	- Graeme
	gwl at u.washington.edu
"The experiment was inconclusive, so we had to use statistics."

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