[C++-sig] Boost V1 build on Solaris

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Wed Nov 6 21:01:16 CET 2002

"Paul F. Kunz" <Paul_Kunz at SLAC.Stanford.EDU> writes:

>    One final question, which is not specific to boost::python but
> general question on building Python modules.   What my Solaris
> administrators have done is to configure Python with 
> >  ./configure
>  --prefix=/afs/.slac.stanford.edu/package/python/common/2.0
>  --exec-prefix=/afs/.slac.stanford.edu/package/python/sun4x_55/2.0
> They also did a build fron Linux with the appropriate `exec-prefix'.
> What apparently this has done is to put all but one of the Python
> include files in the directory `common/2.0/include'.  But Python.h
> includes `config.h' or `pyconfig.h' (depending on the version) which
> gets installed in `sun4x_55/2.0/include'.  This is appropriate since
> this file is machine/OS dependent.
>    Now the problem is that boost::python, and other packages, gives you
> one variable, like PYTHON_INCLUDES,  for its build.   When it is set to find
> `Python.h' it will not find `pyconfig.h'.   
>    What is the best way to handle this situation?   Is it a bug in
> Python's configure script?   Bug in boost::python and others?   Or am
> I missing something obvious?

Sorry it took so long to come up with an answer, Paul. It was staring
me right in the face the whole time, though:

You just need to make sure your PYTHON_INCLUDES variable has two
elements. Depending on how your shell treats quotes, that could take
several forms. The shells I have available, e.g. bash, will let you
embed a space in a command-line argument as follows:

bjam -sPYTHON_INCLUDES="/afs/.slac.stanford.edu/package/python/common/2.0/include /afs/.slac.stanford.edu/package/python/sun4x_55/2.0/include" ...

And bjam splits up variable values on whitespace boundaries.

Some shells let you set up variables with embedded spaces in the
environment; you might try that if your shell doesn't cooperate when
you try to use quotes in the command-line.

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