[jamboost] Re: [C++-sig] gcc-link-action actions to long (max 10240)

Achim Domma achim.domma at syynx.de
Sat Nov 9 19:55:39 CET 2002

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Abrahams [mailto:dave at boost-consulting.com]
> Another approach is to break your extension module into libraries:
>    lib part1 : a.cpp b.cpp c.cpp ;
>    lib part2 : d.cpp e.cpp f.cpp ;
>    extension ext : <lib>part1 <lib>part2 <dll>../build/boost_python ;

Hi Dave,

I tried this, but the libs do not have the same settings, which are set
automaticaly for extensions. This means, that <boost/python.hpp> and the
python include files are not found. I know I could add
<include>"my/path/to/boost" to my jamfile, but is there a simpler way to use
the settings of the extension target?


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