[C++-sig] Boost Python v2 - extending and embedding - memory leaks, compiler warnings

Brett Calcott brett.calcott at paradise.net.nz
Sun Nov 10 06:36:42 CET 2002

From: "David Abrahams" <dave at boost-consulting.com>
> Maybe your warning level is too high ;-)
> Actually, I'm kidding. Someone should add #pragmas to suppress these
> warnings. Patches graciously accepted.
> > and if these
> > warnings might have something to do with the memory leaks.

see my post [MSVC project file]

> Personally I think you're barking up the wrong tree, since maintaining
> platform-specific solutions like that is difficutl, but other people
> have done it and I believe I'm probably going to end up having to
> supply one eventually :(



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