[C++-sig] MSVC project file

Scott A. Smith ssmith at magnet.fsu.edu
Tue Nov 12 14:20:16 CET 2002

Hi Brett,

> > 1.) Without a workspace, my MSVC version complains / crashes.

> Ok, I will provide a workspace file. Note that the fact that it crashes
> makes me think that you have NOT got the latest service pack.
> We're up to 5 now I believe.

No, to be sure I upgraded to SP5 yesterday and the same problem occurs
with the recent project you posted. I think it has more to do with opening
a new project while another workspace is loaded. I have to use Task Manager
to kill MSVC after it dies then load the workspace it had created just
its demise. Supplying a workspace will solve that.

> > 2.) Why do you use /Zm800 several times in the compiler options?

> Where are you seeing this? ... No harm is done.

Right click boost_python files (in FileView), choose Settings,
the C++ in the resulting window's tab. At the bottom (of any
C++ options) will be a window showing all compiler flags. At the
end in your project is

              /FD /Zm800 /Zm800 /Zm800 /Zm800 /Zm800 /GZ /c

When you change the various options in the C++ menu, these will
update. But there is no menued option to adjust the memory use, so /Zm must
set by hand in that window. I will try just

                           /FD /Zm800 /GZ /c

and let you know. Any idea why this needs such a memory adjustment anyway?
is it just the MS assumes one always builds smaller libraries.

> > 3.) It looks as if the libraries will be built in ../test

> yeah. I think I attached the file before saving the changes. This
> is wrong. I will post an updated one.

Yep, this is now fixed. What is the difference between the Win32 Debug and
Win32 Debug Python builds? I don't even know how one adds another build
as you have done. (Note that this latter project built but could not write
library, I think the output directory setting is bad.... I didn't look at it
further since I don't know what it does and ran the build by accident

> > 4.) None of the Boost.Python headers are included in the project.

> This makes no difference to the compilation. But I will include
> them in the post as it makes it easier to 'tour' the source.

Great, looks good. The sub-folders are nice too.

> > 5.) Lastly, MSVC++ just begins spitting out errors during the
>       build.

> I had this same problem a while back. It is an include file
> problem. I never figured out exactly where it comes from
> (why doesn't msvc give an #include traceback!!), but I fixed it by
> reordering the include directories in Tools/Options. Make sure that
> the python and boost dirs come BEFORE the MS default ones.

Wow, that is a bit odd. There must be some definition that messes things
up? The worst part is that the errors stem from including some MSVC files
have to do with Multimedia and sound cards.... how this even is considered
the build is a mystery. But your suggestion works (with a single /Zm)!

Again, thanks for the project. I was postponing switching to Boost.Python V2
because I develop my stuff using MSVC++ (for the IDE), but could not get
of mine to work with V2 because of the aforementioned errors even though the
Boost.Python V2 builds fine with jam.

If you need any help with testing, proofing the docs, etc. I'd be glad to


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