[C++-sig] MSVC project file

Nicolas Lelong n_lelong at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 12 14:21:54 CET 2002

> > 2.) Why do you use /Zm800 several times in the compiler options? Does
> > do something more
> >     with the available memory than a single one?
> Where are you seeing this? Are you looking in the .dsp file? The reason is
> that I could not find any way of putting in this option via the interface,
> so I hacked it into the .dsp with a text editor. I didn't want to take
> to learn all the complexities of how a .dsp works - so I just stuck it in
> all the places where I thought it would help. I think you will find many
> options are repeated... No harm is done.

In the VC7 IDE, you can define additional compile/link options in the projet
properties, in the [C/C++]/[Command Line] tab for compile ; in the
[Linker]/[Command Line] tab for the linker.


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