[C++-sig] A couple of simple BP V2 questions

Joel de Guzman djowel at gmx.co.uk
Wed Nov 13 21:43:23 CET 2002

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From: "David Abrahams" <dave at boost-consulting.com>

> > No..., seriously, it's casting a null (0) pointer. This is safe
> > because the pointer is actually never used but is needed
> > only to pass on the type information.
> >
> > Dave, is this idiom common? 
> I doubt it. Most C++ programmers never touch (much less declare) a
> pointer-to-member. ;-)
> It's going to be common for Boost.Python programmers, though.

Yeah, that's what I mean: common idiom for boost python programmers.

> > Maybe we can add a chapter on common boost python idioms in the
> > tutorial.
> Sounds like a good idea.

I'll check the samples and I'll compile as we go. 
Suggestions welcome.


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