[C++-sig] Limit On No. Of Constructors?

Daniel Paull dlp at fractaltechnologies.com
Fri Nov 15 01:55:51 CET 2002

I've used the approach below to get around the VC6 limitations.  It
worked without any problems, so I'd recommend doing it that way.


Daniel Paull

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Generally speaking, #including headers into the interior of
Boost.Python module initialization functions won't work out
well. Maybe you should try:

  // module file
  extern void wrap1();
  extern void wrap2();

  // wrap1.cpp
  #include <header1.h>
  void wrap1
     ... // wrapping code for header1.h

  // wrap2.cpp
  #include <header2.h>
  void wrap2()
     ... // wrapping code for header2.h

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