[C++-sig] container_conversions.h with VC7

Achim Domma achim at procoders.net
Sat Nov 16 16:20:13 CET 2002


using Ralfs container_conversion.h with VC7 I get an internal compiler
error. The problem seems to be the loop in the lines 165 to 176:

for(;;i++) {
  handle<> py_elem_hdl(allow_null(PyIter_Next(obj_iter.get())));
  if (PyErr_Occurred()) {
    return 0;
  if (!py_elem_hdl.get()) break; // end of iteration
  object py_elem_obj(py_elem_hdl);
  extract<container_element_type> elem_proxy(py_elem_obj);
  if (!elem_proxy.check()) return 0;
  if (is_range) break; // in a range all elements are of the same type

If I comment out the body of the loop, everyting works fine. An older
version of bpl_utils had an workaround for VC6 in this function, but I can't
get it to work. Does anybody know a workaround?


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