[C++-sig] container_conversions.h with VC7

Achim Domma achim.domma at syynx.de
Mon Nov 18 22:52:29 CET 2002

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> My regression test with std::list<double> doesn't cause any
> problems with VC7.

The attached example crashes even with std::list<double>. You can find the
output in out.txt. My compiler shows version number 13.00.9466 and I'm
working on Win2K Server with SP2.
Because I have very few simple functions which has lists as parameters, I
managed to use boost::python::list. So I do not depend on your code, but I
will try to help finding the problem, if you are interested in. I will
follow your advice to decompose the function and will let you know if it
works for me.

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