[C++-sig] example in lvalue_from_pytype won't compile

Mark Russell mrussell8081 at pacbell.net
Thu Nov 21 02:06:08 CET 2002

Sorry David,

The error message did not give me much of a hint on how to fix the problem.
I must admit I am struggling a bit with c++, BPL has for the most part made
the project I am working on very smooth going, most of the problems I am
running into are actually my own lack of c++ expertise.  BPL is certainly
the best wrapper lib I have ever worked with.  Thanks again for all your
help.  --Mark

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Mark, when posting errors, please make an effort to clearly indicate
the line where the error occurred. You probably would have been able
to figure out the problem and submit a patch if you had done this!

Mark Russell <mrussell8081 at pacbell.net> writes:

> I am working with the lvalue_from_pytype example and can't get it to
> compile.  My code and the errors are as follows:

This is a doc bug.

> #include <boost/python.hpp>
> //defines
> extern "C" _declspec(dllimport) PyTypeObject noddy_NoddyType;
> typedef struct {
>     PyObject_HEAD
> 	long magicNum;
> } noddy_NoddyObject;
> using namespace boost::python;
> static handle<> cache;
                ^--- need `noddy_NoddyObject' here.
> bool is_cached(noddy_NoddyObject* x)
> {
>    return x == cache.get();
> }
> void set_cache(noddy_NoddyObject* x)
> {
>    cache = handle<>(borrowed(x));
                    ^--- need `noddy_NoddyObject' here.
> }
> BOOST_PYTHON_MODULE(noddy_cache)
> {
>    def("is_cached", is_cached);
>    def("set_cache", set_cache);
>    // register Noddy lvalue converter
> }
> Compiling...
> nc.cpp
> C:\developer\com-hacking\boost hacking\noddy cache\nc.cpp(15) : error
> '==' : no conversion from 'struct _object *' to 'noddy_NoddyObject *'
>         Types pointed to are unrelated; conversion requires
> reinterpret_cast, C-style cast or function-style cast
> C:\developer\com-hacking\boost hacking\noddy cache\nc.cpp(15) : error
> '==' : indirection to different types
> Error executing cl.exe.

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